Mosaic Photography is a family run business headed up by Nottingham photographer Mike Beard. With over 40 years of professional experience Mike has learnt how to make any scene picture perfect. He first started plying his trade in the Royal Navy before moving into advertising in London in the 80's. He has since moved on to specialising in wedding and commercial photography.
Assisting Mike is his son Greg (that's me!). I have slightly less experience partly due to the fact I haven't been on the planet for as long. However being the son of a photographer I have spent my whole life around cameras with every dog walk and family holiday turning into a private lesson. I won my first photography competition when I was 10 with a beautiful shot of a wooden post.
Also part of our team is Chutney, an Irish Terrier. She doesn't really know how to use a camera, but she does know how to work one.


We are...



Image crafter
Photoshop wizard
Bouncy castle addict



Candid cameraman
Website tinkerer
Face puller



Image editing moral support
Object redistributor
Neighbour teller-offer
Official good girl